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What is the Pattern Morphocycle?


What is the Pattern Morphocycle? When we refer to Tactical Periodisation, a fundamental operative concept to consider is that of the Pattern Morphocycle. The term Tactical Periodisation is justified by the fact that it effectively involves a periodization, that is, the necessity of establishing temporal milestones (even if not rigid) that will allow the acquisition and emergence of a certain Collective Intentionality, that is, a style of play or a particular tactic throughout the sports season. In this way of understanding training and periodisation in football, it is at a more micro level where we find the fundamental unit of [...]

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What is Tactical Periodisation?


What it is and what it is not! What Tactical Periodization is, depends on what you are doing as a pattern. If it directs the Process for everyone while simultaneously allowing each one to improve individually so that they can interfere with the Process. And for it to work that way you need to have a way of playing, a systematised way, and so this diversity is as good as the idea and depends on it being achievable through experiencing the Methodological Principles. That is why I ask, what means playing well? People should worry about that! And after [...]

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Welcome to the Official Blog


Welcome Message Hello to all sport aficionados, practitioners, students, and curious souls! We are honoured to usher you into our exclusive corner dedicated to Tactical Periodisation. This is the official blog endorsed by the Tactical Periodisation School, endorsed by Professor Vitor Frade, the pioneer behind this renowned methodology. Out intentions This platform is created with an intent to disseminate thoughts, concepts, interviews, and diverse viewpoints on tactical periodisation applied to team sports. While its foundations are primarily laid in football, it’s essential to understand that tactical periodisation's reach extends beyond just the football pitch. Though we [...]

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