TP Company

Our company was born from the passion for disseminating Prof Vítor Frade’s ideas, concerns and discoveries by the methodology of sport’s training. His understanding of the complex nature of the game and the training process, transformed Tactical Periodisation by Vítor Frade® into a set of principles and ideas that, due to their greatness, sustainability and relevance, make this methodology unique and so successful.
The close and friendly relationship we have with Prof. Vítor Frade, allows us to continuously grow and constantly evolve, making Tactical Periodisation by Vítor Frade® a worldwide reference methodology, used by successful coaches in several countries of the world.
For believing in excellence like a goal and with the highest standards in the area of training, our company is certified by public entities in Portugal, specifically, by the Directorate General for Employment and Labor Relations (DGERT) and Youth (IPDJ) .

Our Mission

Our Mission is to disseminate Tactical Periodisation® as a methodology of excellence for training in Football, according to the methodological assumptions of Prof. Vítor Frade.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to spread Tactical Periodisation by Vítor Frade® around the world, supporting and teaching the unique way of thinking and the way to effectively implement this innovative methodology. We aim to develop the necessary skills for its operation, for training and competing.

Our training project “Tactical Periodisation by Vítor Frade®” allows the creation of value with:

  • Professional and semi-professional coaches: To successfully better educate football coaches. From Youth to Professional Football.
  • Specialists in goalkeeping, scouting, observation and video analysis: To offer a global and diversified, innovative and rigorous training, based on the methodology of Tactical Periodisation®, in a holistic view of Football training.
  • Directors and Technical Coordinators: To offer training and advice on the systematization and organization of core aspects for Football clubs and schools, such as the Academy Model, the Training Model and the Player Model.
  • Partners: To create value in partnerships with winning institutions, in a win-win perspective.

Our People

Mara Vieira

CEO and Founder

Filipe Morais


Francisco Vieira

BD and Founder

Alda Pena - Training Manager

Alda Pena

Training Manager

José Miguel Pereira

Training Camps Manager

Our Values

  • PASSION: For Football. For Training. For the Game.

  • COMPROMISE: With the true Tactical Periodisation®, the one by Vitor Frade.

  • PRAGMATISM: The ability to put in practice is what truly makes the difference.

  • INTEGRITY: To provide an upright service with proven results when using the methodology correctly.

  • DISTINCTION: Of both content and services. To train brilliant coaches requires methodological excellence and training.

  • COOPERATION: Because al context is collective.

Our History

For many years people around the World have been talking about Tactical Periodisation®.
Some in a good way, and by “a good way” we mean addressing it on an original way, the way that Professor Vítor Frade created, developed (and still does) and believes. And some in a way different from what it is.
These different ways of addressing this methodology leads readers, listeners, viewers away from Tactical Periodisation®.
So, a necessity to organise a way to train coaches on Tactical Periodisation®, to create and develop an Official School, to gather a team of coaches/speakers, to create and continuously improve training courses, came to life.
Since 2017 the company Tática Mágica, Unipessoal Lda has the representation of the worldly registered trademark Tactical Periodisation® providing world class courses on this life changing methodology.