What it is and what it is not!

What Tactical Periodization is, depends on what you are doing as a pattern.

If it directs the Process for everyone while simultaneously allowing each one to improve individually so that they can interfere with the Process. And for it to work that way you need to have a way of playing, a systematised way, and so this diversity is as good as the idea and depends on it being achievable through experiencing the Methodological Principles.

That is why I ask, what means playing well?

People should worry about that! And after that sometimes you can achieve it, sometimes being more concerned with some things that make that idea, sometimes with others, but the sense of direction must be present, with a specific hierarchy, and the loss of that sense of direction can only be avoided if they have a previous idea about the collective matrix, if it is in their minds already, and then the same thing occurs regarding the tumble for example! It is not a punishment. And then the whole Process, considering one or considering ten, twenty, thirty-five, it always abides by the logic of the Methodological Principles.

Otherwise it is not Tactical Periodization!

Vítor Frade

Vitor Frade’ own words

Even the designation that I give it initially, precisely that of Tactical Periodization, is provocative. Because I knew that straight away people would say “but periodization is something else and it is not tactical…!”. That is precisely the intention, that something different emerges, because in general terms, all the other times it is used, all the other periodization is used with a focus on the physical, with a focus on those so-called conditional capacities, or energy sources, it all gravitates around that. So, mine was, in reality, a transgressive logic. ‘Tactical Periodization’ involved two terms that were well-known to people and that people saw differently! So, “what the hell does this guy mean with this?!”. Complementing the terminology to elucidate them better, designating or referring to it in a different way, but not necessarily, because I believe that even within one year of training the periods are different depending on the specificity of the circumstances and I must anticipate this, and I have to find a logic that provides sustainability to that need. And the concept of ‘Tactic’ is a central concept for me in the Game of football. It is the Organization, and Intentionalised organisation, a ‘dynamism of dynamics’, which therefore has a broader – ‘macro’ level, which is what emergences from the collective references, encapsulating the totality of sectors and the relationships between sectors, and in this case the inter and the intrasectoral, etc. Then a ‘micro’ level, which in my perspective will be more diverse, diversified, or unfinishable, depending on the quality of the first level, the ‘macro’! But that is an Organisation, a dynamic built from different sub-dynamics that I must feed constantly, respecting a causality that has…that is so important in its bottom-up logic as it is in its top-down logic.
Consequently, the micro interferes in the macro and the macro interferes with the micro. It has to do with the ability to sustain this constant sense of balance. Because there is some terminology that we take from Cybernetics, some references that sometimes we follow and that make sense, but the terminology itself, from my perspective, sometimes is not adjustable!

Vítor Frade Interview In Tactical Periodization Vs Tactical Periodization by Xavier Tamarit)

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