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Hello to all sport aficionados, practitioners, students, and curious souls!

We are honoured to usher you into our exclusive corner dedicated to Tactical Periodisation. This is the official blog endorsed by the Tactical Periodisation School, endorsed by Professor Vitor Frade, the pioneer behind this renowned methodology.

Out intentions

This platform is created with an intent to disseminate thoughts, concepts, interviews, and diverse viewpoints on tactical periodisation applied to team sports.

While its foundations are primarily laid in football, it’s essential to understand that tactical periodisation’s reach extends beyond just the football pitch. Though we will inevitably have a significant emphasis on football, our discussions will encompass its applicability in various other sports as well.

Given our unique connection to Professor Vitor Frade, anticipate exclusive testimonials and insights from figures closely related to the inception and growth of this approach.

Whether you are deeply involved in the intricacies of team sports or merely embarking on your journey to understand Tactical Periodisation, we warmly invite you to engage, converse, and unravel with us.

A hearty welcome to all!

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