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The Global Executive Diploma in Tactical Periodisation® is a programme developed under an agreement between Vítor Frade’s Tactical Periodisation and prestigious training institutions worldwide, namely the Victoria University in Australia, the Hamburg Football Association and the Medical School of Hamburg in Germany and with an university and professional soccer team in California US (to be presented soon).

Join us for the first-ever edition dedicated to the implementation and utilization of Tactical Periodisation Methodology.

This is a 4-month course, in b-learning format: online classes and face-to-face part. In the end of this path you will have one month to deliver your individual final project essay.

This Course is, thus, a “mini Professional Master” in Tactical Periodisation®, as its format is similar to the Professional Master with less duration and depth on the methodology.

The Global Executive Diploma is, therefore, a fundamental training to understand Tactical Periodisation® in its theoretical and practical aspects. A Professional Certification will be issued by the Official School.

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The GED in a Glimpse

START DATE: April 1st, 2024

LAST CLASS: August 4th, 2024

COURSE ENDS: August 31st, 2024

FORMAT: B-Learning


  • 25-26th May, 2024: California (US)
  • 20-21st July, 2024: Hamburg (Germany)
  • 3-4th August, 2024: Melbourne (Australia)
  • You can attend 1, 2 or 3 in-person parts with no extra costs (travel, accommodation and subsistence costs not included)


By attending the four months GED Course you will have access to:

  • Online contents – during 4 months plus one for individual essay deliver;
  • Online live classes – at least 18 online live classes with our top team:
  • In-person on the pitch classes – 16 hours of presential classes held in 3 different continents. You will choose which one to attend if not all of them!
  • Special offer – free access to Tactical Periodisation Workshop to be held in the previous day of each presential part.


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Embrace a transformative 4-month journey, honing your coaching expertise and unleashing your true potential.

Our online platform allows you to study whenever and wherever you prefer, making it convenient for your busy schedule.

You can attend up to three on-site classes held in different continents. Collaborate with prestigious partners in the USA, Germany, and Australia, building a valuable international network.


Gain unparalleled knowledge from the finest minds in Tactical Periodisation, empowering you with cutting-edge science.


Immerse yourself in exclusive 3 party in-person sessions at our partners’ facilities, applying theory to real-world scenarios.


Access the latest sport insights and advancements, staying at the forefront of Tactical Periodisation.



Enroll now and embark on a life-changing journey with I Global Executive Diploma, elevating your career to where you’ve only dreamed of!

An Up-To-Date Curriculum


1. Course Purpose

Ignite coaching skills with the I Global Executive Diploma!

2. General Goals

Master the Revolutionary Tactical Periodisation®

Unleash your coaching potential by understanding and implementing the groundbreaking Tactical Periodisation® methodology, setting you apart as an innovator in the field.

Embrace Complexity for Unparalleled Success

Delve into the science of complexity, gaining profound insights into team dynamics and football gameplay, propelling you to unparalleled success on and off the field.

3. Objectives
  • To distinguish the methodology of “Tactical Periodisation” from the conventional perspective.
  • To discuss football as a game governed by the Tactical Superdimension, as an acculturation.
  • To understand the phenomenology of the team and the game of football.
  • To characterize the symbolic plane of the Pattern Morphocycle.
  • To analyze the dimensions of the game (tactical, technical, physical, psychological, strategic) understood in the light of complexity.
  • To integrate the main concepts and scientific foundations to plan training in a holistic and systemic perspective.
4. Contents
Topics covered:

  • What’s the understanding of Tactical Periodisation® in contrast with the rooted conventional?
    • Evolutive and chronological synthesis of the training paradigm.
  • Pattern Morphocycle: Simbolic plan
  • The problematization of the «being in shape in sports» in top performance considering 3 dilemmas / fundamental (tri)binomials:
    • Performance – Fatigue – Recovery;
    • Collective – Individual;
    • Methodology versus Method(s).
  • Systemic Analysis of the Game:
    • The understanding of the game dimensions (tactical, technical, physical, psychological, strategical) under the scope of complexity.
  • Study cases and practical applications.
Topics covered:

  • Intentionality in modeling the process as praxiology.
  • The Game Idea as Previous Intension:
    • Macro, meso e micro game principles. The interactive principles promoted by criterion.
  • From Previous Intension to Acting Intensions.
  • From Acting Intentions to a collective culture (the individual in the collective).
  • Study cases and practical applications.
Topics covered:

  • The fundamentation of the Pattern Morphocycle through integrative physiology:
    • The game and metabolic implications. What is really relevant to promote during training?
  • Parabiosis and exaltation of collective and individual performance.
  • Algorithmic pattern: specificities of “Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday”.
  • Methodological Principles understood as an “only” principle:
    • Methodological Principle of the Propensities;
    • Methodological Principle of Horizontal Alternation in (S) specificity;
    • Methodological Principle of Complex Progression.
  • Practical applications.



Topics covered:

  • Development of a diary including reflections of all the lectures, doubts, insights, readings and conclusions.

Enroll now and embark on an extraordinary journey with I Global Executive Diploma, where you’ll discover the Supradimensional Tactical Universe, explore the symbolic realm of Pattern Morfocycle, and analyze game dimensions through the lens of complexity theory.

Elevate your training planning with cutting-edge scientific concepts and holistic principles, preparing you to excel as a football leader.


Join us and revolutionize your coaching career today!

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